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Your money is your future. Don't risk it. 
Start saving and growing your money without risk or compromise.
Committed to education and service to help you reach your goals.
Our goal is to compel individuals to take an active role in the management of their money today to be financially prepared for their future.

We only offer advice we are willing to give our own family. We operate with honesty, integrity and from a Catholic Christian perspective.

We believe sound financial guidance shouldn't be limited to those with millions to invest or have six-figure incomes.


Whether it's saving for a car or home, paying off debt, investing for long term or quick returns, planning for retirement we can help you maximize your dollar and  leverage your financial accounts for guaranteed better financial future.

Personalized financial solutions based on your goals.

Blake Brady
"The Financial Prepper"
Founder of Outfitter Wealth

Keep more of your income and pay less in taxes.

Never lose your money in the stock market.

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Create financial certainty with guaranteed growth.

Increase your cash flow and opportunity funds.

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Protect your family legacy.

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Retirement savings strategies that outperform a 401(k) and have zero risk.

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