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Outfitter Wealth was started because typical financial planning failed my family when they needed it the most! Coming from a middle class family, I was taught to get a good job with benefits and put money away into a 401(k), to eventually live off the interest in retirement. In just under 5 years, I watched my parents go from a retirement net worth of almost $3.5MM to just under $750K, due to the 2008 recession and my father being diagnosed with a terminal illness. All of this happened before my parents had reached the age of 60, well before the typical retirement age of 65. Even though my parents accumulated “wealth”, it was all lost in such a short amount of time. This set me on a path to discover how easy it is to build true wealth and protect it from stock market swings and other life events. The Prosperity Economics concepts we teach educate you on how to take back the power of owning your own wealth and make it work for you and your family.

In 2010 my father was diagnosed with ALS. Average medical costs for a person diagnosed with ALS are $250,000 a year. In 2010 we started "Team Lightning" which has worked with the Louisiana/Mississippi Chapter of the ALS Association to help raise awareness and funds for medical research and patient care. Our team, made up of close family and friends, has raised over $65,000 to this day.

One thing I learned from my father throughout my life was to do for others if you are able, give it your best with everything you do, and have a kind loving heart. He continued to show me he lived this way of life even as ALS continued to take his. When his 2.5 year battle with ALS was over, I realized I lost my best friend. Some of my most cherished memories with my father are of the 10 years we spent traveling the southern US drag racing and the eastern US on Hot Rod Power Tour. Outfitter Wealth is dedicated in honor and memory of my father, Ray Brady.


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Blake Brady, President/CEO

Blake was born and raised in cajun country of south Louisiana. He is a licensed amateur radio enthusiast, enjoys being a volunteer firefighter along with camping and hiking with his wife and two dogs. He discovered his passion for helping people manage their finances after an education in architecture and business followed by various positions in maintenance, development and manufacturing of the automotive, marine, and refinery industries. He is an avid reader and is always striving to learn and develop his financial knowledge to better serve his clients.

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Liz Brady, Education and Marketing Manager

Liz enjoys most anything outdoors or animal related and likes being creative and spontaneous.
Her varied work experience includes the Department of Defense, Education, Real Estate, and Recreation Administration. Since learning about Off Grid Banking and experiencing its benefits first-hand, she has become passionate about educating others to improve their financial futures.  

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