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Blake Brady
"The Financial Prepper"
Founder of Outfitter Wealth
"It's my passion to help you build wealth and keep it!"
"It's my passion to help you build wealth and keep it!"
Blake Brady
"The Financial Prepper"
Founder of Outfitter Wealth

Personalized financial solutions so you can finance the life YOU desire.

  • Keep more of your income and pay less in taxes.

  • Never lose your money in the stock market.

  • Create financial certainty with guaranteed growth.

  • Increase your cash flow and opportunity funds.

  • Protect your family legacy.

  • Retirement savings strategies that outperform a 401(k) and have zero risk.

What others have to say...

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"Having worked on Wall Street, I was impressed how easily Mr. Brady laid out a plan and educated me on strategies that are both, more secure and demonstrate better long term returns than anything in the stock market.

~ Kevin,
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Blake helped me find new ways to structure my finances  so I pay less in taxes and develop new strategies to fund my next business venture.

~ Mike,  Business Owner
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I never thought of life insurance as a way to save and build my retirement fund without worrying about stock market and taxes. I wish I knew these things years ago.

~ Miss Belle

Strategies to Accomplish Goals and Live a Better Life

Fund loans regardless of your credit score.

Prepare for college tuition without a 529 plan.

Supplement your retirement income.

Build multi-generational wealth.

Eliminate the stress of wondering if you can retire.

Peace of mind knowing you can afford unexpected medical expenses.

Plan & Prepare to finance the life YOU desire.

Ability to earn more money and work less to get it.



 We can help you reach financial stability, independence and wealth, whatever your state of life or income. Whether it's saving for a car or home, paying off debt, investing for long term or quick returns, planning for retirement or maximizing your life insurance benefit.

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