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Don't Go Chasing Ghosts

For many people who aren't experts with financial strategy, having a solid plan for investing or saving money is hit or miss. And when it comes to getting solid advice from someone they can trust, well it's like chasing a ghost.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of financial "gurus" who have a story to tell (or sell) you on about how to get rich with the stock market, invest in cryptocurrency for the next "bitcoin", or how to flip real estate like we are all Chip Gains. Yes, those things do sometimes work and payoff big, but those people are the exception, not the rule. You can't replicate someone's experience, knowledge and skill. Sure they can give you advise and all the "insider secrets" you're willing to pay for, but that doesn't make you an expert or necessarily prepare you for the risk involved with these ventures.


So, who do you go to for advice? Can you trust them?

Do they have your best interests in mind?


Well I can't speak for anyone else, but I can tell you more about Outfitter Wealth and how we operate. We have been in your shoes, we were the skeptics, the ones wanting better financial advice than we were getting from our employer's human resources "Retirement Planning Class" and our "Edward Jones" type advisor.

We wanted a different strategy and solutions to heartache we saw our family members go through after losing 78% of their retirement during the 2008 stock market crisis. Or having to pay down their asset (remaining retirement + savings) balance to qualify for assistance for a terminal illness. Or seeing grandparents not have enough to pay for needed prescriptions and basic living necessities. Heck, I was such a big saver and tight spender that I squeaked when I walked! I was so concerned with saving for the future so that I didn't end up stressing over finances that I didn't know how to allow myself to spend even a little to improve my quality of life today. My financial strategy was to stockpile in a bank savings account and pay off my house ASAP! If only I'd known then, what I do now.

So back to how we operate. Our experiences leading up to today are why we are so passionate about educating and helping others find the financial strategy and solutions that are best for them! We don't tell you what to do with your money. We educate and offer guidance for you to make the decision according to your specific financial circumstances and goals. We agree with Prosperity Economics and specialize in Off Grid Banking, and aren't proponents of the stock market or governmental controlled "qualified retirement plans". We advocate strategies that are no-risk and have tax advantages as well as high yields that outperform the stock market. Our approach emphasizes the importance of liquidity and cash flow along with the assurance that comes from knowing you can't "lose" your money in a risky investment and your money is always accessible, not locked up for decades where you can't access it for that emergency or financial opportunity.

There's always going to be vague and misleading advice about personal finances, investing and various strategies to make money and grow wealth. We feel we can offer some education on the matter and point you in a direction that offers less risk and more benefits. There's definite peace of mind and comfort in knowing that you're doing more than taking risk to have a nest egg, but you're building a solid foundation that can really change the future of your finances. The more you know! 👍😊

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