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The Financially Fit - Physically Fit Connection

Being financially fit is just as important as being physically fit. Both have a direct link to your overall health, stress and longevity. Both require a certain amount of education to understand the driving principals behind your efforts, the "why" you are doing what you do, and both encompass a long term plan for maximum results.

Here's a look at their relationship: 1) If you don’t work on your financial fitness (understanding AND applying fundamental financial principles) consistently, you will be in poor financial shape. 2) If your financial diet (aka information you take in) is the equivalent of junk food, you will have poor financial health and habits. 3) When you make financial decisions based on what others are doing, or what you see on social media without doing your own research, chances are good that you will hurt yourself financially. 4) Trying a different approach could help you break financial plateaus (and hopefully achieve more gains!). 5) Financial results, just like losing weight or gaining muscle mass takes time. The next time you think about cutting carbs or trying a new training program, think about how you are going to adjust and refine your financial fitness plan as well!

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