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What Is Off Grid Banking and Why Haven't I Heard Of It Before?
By Outfitter Wealth

There are a few different names used interchangeably with Off Grid Banking such as Cash Flow Banking, Bank on Yourself, Income For Life, Family Banking, and Infinite Banking. They all implement the same strategies and revolve around using a mutual life insurance policy.

Off Grid Banking is a concept that uses the permanent cash value of a whole life insurance policy as a platform for accumulating and utilizing capital to build lasting wealth. It is like a private savings account that provides liquidity, a steady rate of return, security, and tax-benefits.


You probably know this but it's worth repeating. When you put money in a savings account the bank turns around and lends YOUR money to others, charges an interest rate to them and makes money from YOUR money. If you could make that same money for yourself, would you? By keeping your money out of a savings account you are in control and get the profit from the interest rate when you borrow against your policy. Not only that but you are guaranteed a rate of return at roughly 40x the rate you would earn from the bank. You have access to it any time without penalty, don't have to "pre-qualify" to borrow it, and can choose how and when you pay it back! Policy loans can finance home buying, business start-ups, cars, college, emergency money. Anything that you would use a bank for, you turn to the cash value in your policy for.

It's likely you haven't heard of these concepts before and with good reason. Cash flow banking is only achieved using a very specific dividend-paying Mutual Whole Life Insurance policy. Out of over 3,400 insurance companies that offer life insurance in the U.S. and thousands of different policy options, less than 10 companies offer a whole life insurance policy that is specifically designed and effective enough to be used for cash flow banking. These specific policies require in-depth knowledge and preparation to ensure they are set up to function in the client's best interest. Although the cash flow banking concept has been around for over 150 years and used by the likes of Walt Disney, the Rock, not many agents have been taught about it. Typically when someone wants a life insurance policy it is for the original intent, the death benefit alone. With that in mind they shop for the most benefit for the least amount of money. The policy is treated like a commodity and purchasers typically want the most bang for their buck. This is why Term Life Insurance is so popular. Cash flow banking turns that commodity approach around and uses the policy for it's permanent cash value and guaranteed growth and the death benefit is just another added advantage of this approach.

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