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Prosperity Economics Overview



1. THINK: Owning a prosperity mind-set eliminates poverty; scarcity thinking keeps you stuck.


​2. SEE: Increase your prosperity by adopting a ‘big picture’ perspective in which you can see how each one of your economic decisions affects all the others. Avoid financial ‘tunnel vision.’


3. MEASURE: Always measure your opportunity costs—what your dollars could earn if you did not spend or commit them elsewhere. Awareness of opportunity costs enables you to recover them. ​


4. FLOW: The true measure of prosperity is cash flow. Don't focus on net worth alone.


5. CONTROL: Stay in control of your money rather than relinquishing control to others.


​​6. MOVE: The velocity of money is the movement of dollars through assets. Movement accelerates prosperity; accumulation slows it down. Avoid stagnation in assets where dollars accumulate but are not put to use.​


7. MULTIPLY: Prosperity comes readily when your money “multiplies”— meaning that one dollar does many jobs.

Prosperity Economics vs Financial Planni

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